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So the Pets brought home a new kitten.  I’m not sure what to think about this.  She’s getting all kinds of special treatment, her own canned food (I never get canned food!), her own litter box, her own toys… though I really doubt she’s going to watch the toys all the time.  I’m pretty sure I can sneak a few away from her.  She is getting a lot of attention from the Pets, but they’re not ignoring me, so I think I’m fine with that.  They snuggle me too much anyway. 

She is kind of annoying.  She adores me, which is kind of cute I suppose, but she can get a little clingy.  They’re calling her Minnie.  Kate – the other roommate – hated her guts at first, but she’s changing her tune lately.  I think it’s because Minnie is so warm to curl up with.  Kate’s just using her. 

I’m actually pretty sick at the moment – I’ve heard that kids are germ factories, and apparantly it’s true.  Little bugger gave me a bug of some kind.  Now the Pets are shoving some nasty liquid in my mouth twice a day.  They say it’s medicine, but all I know is it tastes like crap.  It’s antibiotics for cats, and it’s flavored like banana.  What idiot decided that cats like bananas?


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